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Fun Las Vegas Trips - A Guide to Great Las Vegas Vacations

New York City? No. It's Las Vegas!

In many ways Las Vegas is the perfect vacation spot. It has fabulous hotel resorts, great restaurants, lots of natural and man-made attractions, and a very active nightlife. For the more outdoorsy types, Las Vegas vacations also offer activities such as hiking, boating, and fishing. Las Vegas also has world famous golf courses, and in the winter you'll find some skiing slopes just out of town. Oh... yes... almost forgot, there's gambling too! Of course, gambling built Las Vegas, but that's not the only reason to come to town.

from the Eiffel Tower... But not in Paris.

This town is all about spending money, but Las Vegas vacations can be surprisingly reasonably priced. The same luxury hotels that cater to the super-rich, with suites that cost thousands of dollars a night, also have accommodations for the average traveler. A combination of large gambling revenues, a good amount of competition and low taxes, results in hotel room prices that are normally lower than those near other urban centers. Many corporations and organizations choose to have large meetings in Las Vegas simply because it's cheaper. And what's more, if you want to go for really cheap Vegas trips, there are small, no-frills hotels and motels that will accommodate you for less than $20 a night. For all these reasons and more, Las Vegas is one of the hottest vacation spots on Earth.

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Fun Las Vegas Trips is designed as a guide to all major aspects of planning and enjoying Las Vegas vacations. It also includes resource links to Web sites you can use to reserve and buy all things you need to make your vacation happen.

Get There and Find a Place to Stay

A flight and a hotel room will most likely be the cornerstones of your Las Vegas vacation. The Hotels and Flights sections discuss these important aspects of going to Vegas, and the Travel Package section talks about getting them as package deals. And if your intention is to save a lot of money and go on some really cheap trips to Las Vegas, then see the Tips on Booking Cheap Las Vegas Rooms page. You can still have a great time and have quite a bit of fun in Las Vegas on a small budget.

Las Vegas Attractions, Shows, and Other Things to Do with a Good Dose of Las Vegas Fun

Las Vegas attractions, gambling, shows, and other fun things are the reasons people come to "Sin City". The Shows, Tours & Trips, Shopping, and Things to Do sections discuss things that keep you occupied while you're in town, and make you go home wanting to come back.

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